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October 29, 2020 2 min read

When you travel, you likely have a set amount that you plan to spend while away. That way, you’re not breaking the bank and can afford the luxury of future trips by being somewhat frugal. If you want to experience everything you can for as long as you can, there are things you can do to keep more money in your pocket.

Some are very simple to implement, and others require more work but yield greater rewards. It’s up to you to determine which are the best options for you based on the location, amount of time allotted for travel, and lifestyle preferences.


Make Your Money Work Double Time for You 

Travel FundHere are ten simple ways to stretch your travel budget further.









#1: Invest in money-saving passes.

For a discounted rate, you can explore all the local attractions. You won’t pay separate admission but will need to use the pass during the time allotted by the issuer.


#2: Consider combining transportation options for greater savings.

If you’re planning on going to more than one country on your visit, see if there are options that allow you to combine travel between your destinations for less. You may find a pass or package deal that enables you to stretch your money further.


#3: Learn to fuel your body outside of restaurants.

Peppers, Chiles, Nuts at San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico

You’ll save tons of money by shopping local markets, exploring street food, and enjoying picnics in beautiful locations.

#4: Take measures to protect your health.

Getting sick can take its toll on your body and your bank account, so eat well, get enough rest, and stay hydrated while traveling.

#5: Split travel expenses with friends.

Someone you know may be willing to go in on half of a trip’s expenses.


#6: Look for experience-based lodging.

It’s fun and interactive, as well as comfortable and accommodating. More importantly, it’s often a lot less expensive than other options.


#7: Walk instead of grabbing a rideshare or cab.

Walking Couple

If you can travel on foot, you’ll save money and see more of your surroundings.


#8: Invest in experiences opposed to items.

You’ll have far more value to bring home with you because of the memories you made.


#9: Try your hand at bartering.

You may be able to exchange one service for another and save your money for other things.


#10: Challenge yourself to live on a fixed amount of money each day.

Watching YouTube can help you feel inspired. Many travelers show you what living and eating on a fixed amount of money a day can bring to your experience.



Make the most of the money you’ve set aside to travel on.

Travel Fund Piggy Bank

You can have an exciting and enriching experience by being mindful of what you’re spending your money on and why you feel it’s essential. Rather than squander away your savings on souvenirs, you’ll be able to come home with incredible photos, new friendships, and plenty to talk about.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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