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July 27, 2022 2 min read

The UK is known for its medieval structures, modernist architecture, ancient museums, designer boutiques, wildlife, wild landscapes, natural wonders, and so on or and so forth. Due to the vast number of places to visit, we can see why overseas travelers find it easier to visit the usual tourist destinations, e.g., Carnaby Street, Loch Ness, and Canterbury Cathedral.

But we've assembled a rundown of spots that will quite often be found outside of what might be expected in Britain; some are moderately well known, some are forgotten to most, yet all ought to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. 

The following are 3 little-known getaways in the UK that you should mark on your travel map and visit to make your trip memorable.  

Tintagel: Legends of King Arthur in Cornwall

Footbridge at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, UK

Tintagel, the town on a mountain, is set on Cornwall's Atlantic coast. If the name seems familiar it's because this is the spot connected with the legends of King Arthur, Excalibur, and Merlin. We can tell you that Tintagel is wild, untouched, and ready to inspire a wide range of amazing dreams.

You can visit King Arthur's Hall at Trevena, with its 73 smudged glass windows telling the stories of Arthurian legend. There's additionally the Camelot Castle Hotel, complete with a focal entry tower and a Great Hall designed as a replica of the Winchester Round Table.


Hawes, Yorkshire Dales

taken from Stags Fell , north of the highest market town in England.It is situated in Wensleydale on the river Ure

The name of this market town signifies 'pass between mountains' and is situated among Buttertubs and Fleet Moss. It is also England's highest market town at 850 feet above sea level. Sights that you should visit when you go there include Gayle Mill and the Dales Countryside Museum. This town is also famous for its Wensleydale cheese, so don't leave before trying some! 


St Michael's Mount

Dusk on the causeway leading to St Michaels Mount off the coast of Marazion Cornwall England UK

A little more well known, but definitely still a must see is St Michael's Mount. This small, unassuming island has a rich history that ranges from religious visions to strategic wartime capture. Situated off the bank of Mount Bay, Cornwall, St. Michael's Mount is one of only a handful of exceptional tidal islands in the UK that guests can walk to. Unless your idea of a great time is being swept into the ocean, walking to the island is only feasible during low tide so plan your visit accordingly.


Summing it Up


Executive Britain and Ireland Push Pin Travel Map in Solid Wood Cherry Frame

The places we have mentioned are unique in their own way and are off the beaten path. They will serve you well as a great weekend getaway place if you live in the UK. Or plan an extended stay on your trip to the UK and clear your mind in a calm and peaceful place away from life's hassles. Don't forget to pin your visits when you get back home. 

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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