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July 12, 2023 2 min read

Germany is famous for fast cars, good beers, and the Autobahn, leading the way to many famous German locations. Make sure to plan your route along the Autobahn, linking some of Gemany's most known cities, (highlight your map here!) And don't forget to bring your appetite! Some of the best German restaurants line the roadways connecting the Autobahn and are tailor-made for hungry visitors. Full menus of traditional grubs and diverse dishes from the many people who have settled here in the past means you'll find something for everyone!


Here’s a list of restaurants along the Autobahn, Germany, that you need to check out on your next visit. Extravagant, delicious, and homely, you’re definitely in for a treat.


Seven Swans

Mainkai 4, Frankfurt on the Main, 60311, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany at the Cathedral

Seven Swans, a Michelin-starred vegetarian gourmet temple elevates vegetarianism into canvas map art. The chefs use world-class ingredients from their own permaculture farm to create knockout dishes in tune with the seasons. Food is best coupled with a drink before and even after dinner at the bar downstairs called Tiny Cups. Seven Swans is located near Caricatura Museum Frankfurt, where you can have tasty frankfurters and veg burgers. Tasty ice creams are also offered after delicious food.

The patient staff provides fabulous service where quality food is served at low prices. Surrounded by beautiful decor, this spot was marked with 1 red knife-and-fork symbol as the best Michelin star eatery, providing a warm atmosphere.

Club Michel

Münchener Str. 12, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Club Michel is Frankfurt’s best-kept secret, founded by DJ and club owner Ata Macias. A different menu is served every week at Club Michel. They might call for a celebrity chef from Israel one week to cook the most delectable food; the next might be Japanese-themed. Deliciousness is always guaranteed in anything and everything served at Club Michel. The dishes are so flavorful that meat-lovers can't stop devouring the food. The menus are changed and created by the team and different guest chefs at the club. The weekly changing à la carte menu on Fridays and a set menu on Thursdays usually range between €20 – €30 per person with several vegetarian options available.

Tank & Rast Raststätte Am Fichtenplan Nord

Am Fichtenplan, BAB10, 15749 Mittenwalde, Germany

Mittenwald, Germany

You will get everything you wish for alongside the Autobahn highway, from burgers to kinds of pasta, salads, bagels, wraps, cookies, fried fish, and schnitzel roll. A tremendous culinary variety satisfies every hungry visitor, from large portions to special menus for our little guests to keep them happy.

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