October 20, 2021 2 min read

Whether you're a student, couple, or someone who loves traveling to get in touch with oneself, choosing a cozy Bed and Breakfast is a perfect choice of lodging during an extended vacation. Not only will you feel at home when staying at a B&B, but usually the stay will also turn out to be more peaceful and economical than hotels.

In this article, we'll share our 3 best tried and true tips for making your stay at a B&B a memorable experience.


Choose Your Lodging Wisely

Relaxing in a room

There are numerous and varied B&Bs spread throughout the United States. Prior to booking a B&B for your stay, make sure it's in the vicinity of the region that you'd like to explore. Also, do your homework, assess the property's safety and sanitation procedures, and choose where you feel safe and secure.

Visit their website and check out the interior, along with the size of the rooms. The interior plays a vital role in allowing you to relax and enjoy your stay, whereas the size of the room will allow you to engage with your loved ones without worrying about the space.




Plan Your Food & Supplies

Room Service Breakfast

Breakfast is covered! But what about second breakfast, lunch and supper? Especially when you`re out in an area you`re unfamiliar with, it's best to plan a few of your meals ahead. If you want to avoid random trips to the store, consider packing your bags with nonperishable food items to meet your lunch and dinner requirements, if those aren't included in the stay.

For fresh food, opt for buying the products from the farmers' market and local restaurants. This way you can support the local community as well.

Make sure to bring your own toiletries as amenities may be less available at a small mom & pop B&B, but you can always contact them ahead of time to plan your trip


Tip Your Caretaker

Tipping your caretaker

Although most of you do tip the caretaker while leaving in an effort to show appreciation, offering him a $10 (or $20!) right after settling at the B&B may be better. Throughout your stay, your caretaker will go above and beyond to make your stay as good as you hope.







All in All

Relaxing on a rocking chair

Incorporating the aforementioned tips and tricks will help you make the most of your vacations, and especially a stay at a Bed and Breakfast. If you're looking for some ideas on where to vacation this autumn, we suggest the US Northeast where you can view beautiful fall foliage. Don't forget your Push Pin Travel Map when planning your trips!

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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