January 13, 2022 2 min read

Each of the world's capital cities is full of wonders and they're the top cultural icons of their nations. Yet which are the top capital cities in the world, though?

While everyone has their own preference, here are the top 3 capital cities of the world that we think outdo their counterparts!

3.   Berlin

Oberbaum Bridge in BerlinBerlin is the capital of Germany and possesses great historical significance. Apart from the rich cultural history, exciting events take place in this capital for tourist attractions, including Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin Air Show, and Bread & Butter Trade show. This city's prominent places include Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Pergamon Museum, and Museum Island.





2.   Paris

Greetings From Paris

Paris is the city of lights, love, and the international capital of style. The city has reached worldwide fame due to its fashion, arts, and monuments.

The city is also well-known for its rich history. It was in Paris that Marie Antoinette and LouisX1V were guillotined during the French Revolution. Worth visiting tourist attractions include the Eiffel Tower (of course), Louvre Pyramid Museum, Arc de Triomphe, and Disneyland.




1.   London

London, England - Visiting Big Ben

Perhaps the most beautiful capital city, London, is the city of royalty. It's situated on the River Thames, which is one of the reasons for its natural attraction. The city is distinguished for its education, arts, entertainment, tourism, and fashion.

Being the capital of England, it's also known as the artistic capital of the world. That's because of the refined architectural style of buildings. When you visit London you simply must visit the Madame Tussauds, Big Ben, the London Eye, the Palace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

London is listed as the best capital city globally and also as one of those cities that offers everything a traveler could ever wish for. The experiences can include a great nightlife, educational museums, and luscious green parks.


To Sum It Up

Bright Night Rainbow Travel Map with Pins

If you do plan on visiting either of these capital cities, a world map is a must. With it you can plan your global travels with ease and save time and energy. Not sure which city to visit first? We've created a list of Iconic World Cities to help inspire your wanderlust.  Take a gander at our wide selection of Travelers Maps, you're sure to find what you seek! 



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Push Pin Travel Maps

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