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May 19, 2021 2 min read

No matter how much you travel, if you have a wanderlust deep inside or simply occasionally travel, you may likely feel a strong desire to bring the world around you to your rooms indoors. This is something about a travel lover that others may find hard to understand, but we’ve got you covered!

This article will walk you through some of the appealing and tempting decorative home pieces we offer that every traveler wishes to display.


Framed Wall Map

Classic World Wall Map with Pins

Maps tend to present the big wide world on a smaller scale, so you can easily bring it indoors, helping a traveler like you plan their next summer destination. Having a framed wall map will make you feel like you’re out on the road, reliving your adventures, every time you set your eyes on it. There is no match for an elegant and mesmerizing framed wall map, so having one on the bedroom wall keeps your old memories alive. With elegant push pins, you can spot the areas you’ve already explored, and specialty pins will help you mark the soon-to-see destinations on your list.




Canvas Maps

Gallery Wrapped Navy World Map

One should never doubt the significance and beauty of canvas maps that they add to your room wall. For wanderlusters, gallery wrapped canvas maps are essential to create a modern, contemporary design, and the custom canvas art paired with custom monograms and colorful family name art boosts the ambience of any room in your home or office.





Travel Wall Art

Blessed Are The Curious Travel Art

It’s an art that keeps the beauty of nature and everything around intact. With travel-themed wall art along with push pin travel maps, you can create a customized travel wall, catching your eyes every time, sure to make a statement in any space. You can find travel-themed wall art in multiple color palettes on PushPinTravelMaps Website.





Cork Memory Boards

Cork Memo Board

A wanderlust can create a different aura in his room with cork memory boards by showcasing the most prized travel keepsakes on one framed cork memo board.







Bottom Line

Besides blessing your wall with these pieces of art, you can also gift something unique and special to your loved ones as a birthday or anniversary gift. Visit our website and browse the décor items you want to make a part of your room and life.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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