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July 29, 2020 3 min read

If you’re not an adventurer yourself, you likely have one in your life in one way or another. It could be a family member, friend, or co-worker. In any case, when it's their special day you need a special gift for them that comes as a complete surprise, that fits their personality, and that shows them how much you care about them and their travels. It’s the ultimate act of caring when you’re able to buy the perfect present for someone you’re close to.

We love a great gift ourselves. That’s why we decided it was only fitting to share some of our favorite travel-themed items that we’ve received from family and friends. That way, you have plenty of ideas to consider for your own gift-giving events this year.


#1: A Bucket List Tracker

50 States Bucket List Tracker

Available for purchase by theme, the unique gift is one that allows everyone to get in on the fun. Displayed on the wall, people who visit your relative or friend’s home see what all they’ve done while traveling. They can account for every box that they’ve checked off of the Bucket List Tracker.










#2: A Personalized Refillable Water Bottle

Every seasoned traveler knows the value of an empty water bottle that they can fill once they’ve passed through security at the airport. It’s a lifesaver because it keeps people from becoming dehydrated and even helps them cut back on the expense of purchasing bottled water wherever they go. Having their name put on the bottle ensures that everyone knows that it belongs to them.


#3: A DIY Map Kit

Vibrant Violet Watercolor World Map DIY Kit

Allow the recipient of your gift to mount and frame their own map. It’s a great way for them to pinpoint the precise locations of the places that they’ve visited. They can personalize a kit like this in many ways. It’s something that they may not have thought to buy themselves, either.









#4: An Oversized Scarf

Not only can it be worn around the neck or head, but a person can use it as an impromptu picnic blanket, swimsuit cover-up, or way to carry items from the market. It has a lot of uses that they can enjoy.


#5: Travel-Themed Canvas Wall Art

Bon Voyage Travel DecorIf the person that you’re buying a gift for has a travel-themed room in their home, they’ll love adding the canvas wall art print that you bought for them to the space. It’s a real conversation piece that gets others thinking about traveling. You’ll be responsible for a lot of great conversations about adventuring in the future!










You've Started Your Search in the Right Place

There are many options for you to choose from with this list serving as inspiration for you as you start your search. You can always select a different gift based on what your family member, friend, or co-worker owns or the places they’ve been to in the past. You could even purchase gift cards for hotels, food, and airfare to help defray the cost of their next trip.

A travel-themed gift has personality. You can customize it for the person that you give it to, making it extra special. If you haven’t yet found the perfect item for the special adventurer in your life, consider one of the options above. They won’t be disappointed.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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