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September 07, 2022 2 min read

A life deprived of fun and excitement becomes tedious and loses all the charm that makes it worth living and loving. But if you're in the US, you have a lot of options to revitalize your life and cherish each moment it offers.

September is considered one of the best months to get away from the monotonous routine and relax for overall mental and physical well-being. The weather starts to cool, and the summer crowds thin out.

This article will walk you through some of the perfect ideas to make the most of this month while saying goodbye to summer.


Visit Big Sur

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur

Take full advantage of the warm and dry weather by paying a visit to Big Sur, where you can have a plethora of opportunities including hiking through state parks (Julia Pfeiffer Burns and Andrew Molera parks are recommended), snapping pics of Pfeiffer Beach's impressive rock formations, and surfing at Sand Dollar Beach. Let alone enjoying the dramatic cliffs and breathtaking natural sceneries along the California coast.


Enjoy Lake Tahoe Winter Food

Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, California, USA

NorthStar California Resort is providing you with 3 days of activities full of fun and food, alleviating the stress and tiresomeness of the hectic busy days.

The Lake Tahoe Autumn Food and Wine Festival include wine tastings, live musical entertainment, cooking competitions, and much more that you can simply fall in love with. The annual festival is scheduled for September 20–22, 2022 at The Village at Northstar.


Consider Seafood Festival

Crawfish Boil, Seafood Festival, New Orleans, USA

The three-day seafood festival in New Orleans tends to attract seafood lovers from every nook and cranny. The live musical entertainment paired with the culinary delights from celebrity chefs, oysters, crab, starring shrimp, fish, and crawfish, will make it a perfect treat for yourself. New Orleans is considered the Festival Capital of the World, dontcha know?


Attend National Book Festival

National Book Festival, Enjoy Your Books!

If you have an affinity for reading and literature, this month is for you. Typically held in September each year, you can take a time out and visit Washington DC to meet your favorite authors at National Book Festival, hosted by the Library of Congress. There will be an author's talk session, book signing, and family-friendly activities that you can cherish. The 2022 National Book Festival was on Sept 3rd this year, but now that you know this Festival exists you should plan for September 2023! (Trust us, it'll be here before you know it)


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