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April 29, 2020 3 min read

If you love to travel and can’t get enough of the feeling of being away from home, it’s time to extend your experience. By incorporating a few quick practices into your daily routine, you’ll feel the same level of excitement that you did while you were away from home. It’s a great practice to get into if you want to stoke your creative fire and come up with better and more stimulating things to do throughout your daily life. Right now is the perfect time to reminisce your past travels, and plan for the future!


How to Recreate the Travel Experience at Home

Here are five ways to make your trip last longer even though you’ve already arrived home:


Listen to music that reminds you of your trip.

Woman Enjoying MusicIt’s an easy way to reconnect with your surroundings. You’ll find music of all types from around the world accessible online. Create a playlist that encompasses the feeling of being away from home, exploring this new place.







Share your stories with family and friends online and in-person. Let them experience life through your eyes. You can even collect your stories in a journal while away and share some of the best experiences on a blog or vlog. Making other people a part of your travels is a great way to keep the exhilarating travel feeling alive.


Wear something that you bought while traveling.

Shopping Local Markets, Colorful ScarvesA true conversation piece, the simplest scarf or t-shirt, can get people talking. Shop specifically for an item that you can wear when you get home. Make the ultimate souvenir be an excuse to discuss your travel experiences with other people. 























Try to recreate a dish that you tried while you were away. Buy the ingredients and follow a recipe online. Invite your family and friends to join you, once it is safe to do so! It’s also another excellent opportunity to share stories, photos, and music while you dine together.


Turn your photos into a display for your home or office.

Photo Collage of TravelsFrom wall art to pillows to coffee mugs, you’ve got options. Select the photos that mean the most to you and transform them into something 3-dimensional. There are many ways to remind yourself of how good it felt to get away, and this suggestion is one of them.







There are numerous things you can do to make your daily routine feel exciting. The list above is merely a starting point for you. Once you’ve come up with your ideas, you can put them into play. You’ll be amazed at just how inspired you become once you’ve seen your ideas transpire on your average work or school day.


Hold Onto the Memories for Longer By Applying the Tips Listed Here

Remember the trip of a lifetime by holding onto the feelings that it gave you for just a little longer. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do once you’ve had some practice. Even if you must return to work after a short excursion, you can still bring your travels with you. By exercising the tips listed above, you’re able to make every day feel just as special as your vacation did. Best of all, it’ll become second nature to you once you’ve done it a couple of times!

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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