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What are the first things that come to mind when you think of France? Fashion, art, food, and wine? Stereotypes can have an element of truth, and using those common associations as a starting point for planning your France travel destinations is a great idea.

Art – Fashion: Stylish Shopping and Inspiration

From the shops to the cafes to the runways, your will want to pin fashionable spots all over your travel map of Paris. The French are known for effortless style – learn and love it while you visit! Stylish sleep is even a possibility, at the Christian Lacroix-designed Hotel Petit Moulin Paris. Of course designer items come with high price tags, but you can still indulge in French style no matter what you want to spend.

For those on a truly tight budget, flea markets abound in France. You will still get to answer, “Oh, I picked this up in Paris,” no matter whether your souvenir scarf was purchased at a department store or on the street. You can even act out your fashion week fantasies – every Friday afternoon, the Galeries Lafayette department store has a free fashion show. 

If you are anxious about what to pack and how to act fashionably French, Gala Darling has all of your social and sartorial questions answered in her International Playgirl’s Guide to Paris.

Art – Conventional and Counterculture 

I doubt that much more needs to be written about the amazing museums in Paris. If your timing is right, you may be able to save some Euros via the Free Sundays program. Take the time to visit these venerable institutions, but keep your eyes and mind open to the fact that you may see some amazing art without a roof over your head. The graffiti or ‘street art’ scene in Paris is so vibrant that there are even formal tours offered!

Finding the Finest French Food

Incredible food is all over the map in Europe, but certain regions of France deserve special attention. Provence is the the southeast of France, bordering Italy and the Mediterranean coast. Fresh seafood and great farming conditions have made the palate of Provence famous internationally. “Herbes De Provence,” a combination of savory herbs often used in cooking from this region is available nearly everywhere, and many emblematic French foods such as ratatouille and aioli are Provencal cuisine.

The coast here is the French Riviera, home of Cannes and the Cote d’Azur. Whether you are interested in suntan oil or olive oil, travel to this area is a must. Marseilles is the major city in the region for most entries and departures.

Seeking Champagne and St. Germain 

Did you know that your glass of sparkling white wine from California is not actually Champagne? Only wine from the Champagne region in the North East of France can be correctly labelled with that title. Even if you are not interested in the debates over Champagne production and history, the area is worth a visit. This scenic region has endless wineries, B&Bs and even caves filled with exotic fossils.

Want a splash of something stronger in your Champagne? St. Germain is a popular liqueur flavored with elderflowers that are picked in the French Alps each spring. The French Alps are on the eastern side of France, bordering Italy and Switzerland. This is a must-visit spot on the world travel map for winter sports fans – be sure to raise an apres-ski cocktail to the hard work that went into picking and distilling all of those elderflowers! Popular towns to visit in this region include Grenoble and Annecy.

If you want your St. Germain fix in a more urban setting, return to Paris and walk the same streets as artist Alberto Giacometti in the The Saint Germain des Pres Quarter. This neighborhood  has shopping, nightlife, and food. Lots of great cafes, hotels, and people watching.

Creating your own world travel map is very personal, which is why we offer incredible pieces like this Framed Vintage Style World Map to help you track your travels. For a visit to France, let yourself be inspired by other things that you find beautiful, whether they are on your table or in your closet – bon appetit and bon voyage.

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Brenda Phelps
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