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February 17, 2021 3 min read

Visit YouTube and you’ll find a host of creators whose content focuses on living on an extreme travel budget in different cities around the world. Each is given a goal or challenge for the day, and they must live within the confines of the money they’re allowed to spend. For some, the price they pay is minimal, with most giving themselves a budget of $5 a day or less. Others push the envelope by attempting to live entirely free for a length of time, with them earning money or taking advantage of the free offers that they find along the way.

If you feel less adventurous than the YouTubers who navigate strange places with only a $1 in their pockets, you can still have a small budget and have more of a plan when you touchdown in the area of the globe you’re traveling to next. You can know where to get the best deals and the most bang from your buck by doing advanced research. Recording the information in a journal or notebook allows you to conveniently have it available to look at when the time is right.


Things You Can Do to Stretch Your Travel Budget Further

The following suggestions help you stretch your travel budget further. Each offers you varying degrees of comfortability. You may find that one option is better suited for your needs. Apply what is relevant to you, and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to live on less while traveling.


Walk or bike where you can.

Biking is freePaying for cabs, rideshare service, buses, and trains can cost you a fortune. If you can get somewhere on foot, give it a try. You’ll see more along the way. You can even rent or buy a bicycle for very little money and tour the countryside inexpensively. It’s a great way to stay fit and avoid getting stuck in traffic most of your trip.





Take advantage of free events.

Upcoming Local Activities

If you look online at a local calendar of events, you’ll find an insane amount of free entertainment, foods, and experiences to take advantage of right away. Even if the event isn’t free, you could potentially sign up as a volunteer and still get to participate in everything that is taking place that day. It’s a great way to network, too, and meet like-minded budget travelers wanting to save money.




Make use of local marketplaces.

Local MarketplaceThe items sold outdoors are often less expensive than inside shops. Certain districts are far less expensive than others. Ask around to find out where you’ll discover the best deals. Plan your day around being in that location to make the most of the local marketplaces.






There are many ways to make your money last longer while traveling. It's up to you to come up with a plan that feels right based on your needs. You may find it entirely easy to give up fancy restaurant meals but won’t settle for anything less than a four-star hotel. You’ll learn very quickly what makes a deal a bargain and what doesn’t!


Live a Lavish Lifestyle Without Breaking the Bank

Bon Voyage Travel Art

A small budget shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your travel experiences. It helps you to be more creative in many ways. Rather than pay for things that aren’t worth their price or do the most ‘touristy’ options available, you step outside your comfort zone and make choices that you wouldn’t typically make. It helps you grow as a person and have a completely different trip than most people you know who have traveled to the same destination.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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