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Corinth was one of the wealthiest and largest city-states in Greece during ancient times. Today, the site of ancient Corinth has mostly been excavated by archaeologists. The town of Corinth today is seven kilometers to the northeast of the ancient city and can easily be accessed by bus from Athens. It is famous for the Corinth Canal, which offers ships a path through the Isthmus of the city. Below are some things to do while visiting Corinth, Greece.

Corinth Canal

Corinth CanalThe Corinth Canal is about four kilometers east of the modern city of Corinth and is the top attraction of the area. The canal can be best viewed from the road-covered bridge. There is also a submersible bridge at the northwest end that is most unique. This bridge can be sunk below the surface, enabling smaller ships and sail boats to pass through. It is, however, too narrow for larger ships.

Ancient Corinth

Ruins of temple in Corinth, GreeceAncient Corinth is an amazing archaeological site. This location offers many unique historical treasures. Corinth came under rule of Rome in 146 BC. This is where St. Paul preached to the Corinthians in AD 51-52, which led him to later write the New Testament books of First- and Second Corinthians. You can see ruins of temples, baths, a forum and other ancient buildings still today.

Temple of Apollo

The Temple of ApolloThe Doric Temple of Apollo can be found on a low hill at Ancient Corinth. Around 540 BC the temple was constructed alongside an earlier temple built in seventh century BC. Only seven columns of monolithic limestone are present at the site today, but there may have been six along both the front and back of the temple and fifteen along each side when the structures originally stood together.

Environment Museum of Stymphalia

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Corinth. This museum shares information about the regions eco-system. In this area, according to mythology, Hercules defeated the Stymphalian birds with his arrow. The museum has two permanent exhibits, one of which addresses environmental concerns in the area while the other shares ways the environment has played part in the development of the basin of the lake. The lake is a relaxing place to visit.


Acrocorinth, Upper Corinth fortressAcrocorinth is about 3.5 kilometers to the south of Ancient Corinth. This hilltop was fortified during ancient times and had defenses maintained about it during the Byzantine period as well as the Frankish, Venetian and Turkish periods. The walls of Acrocorinth now measure nearly two kilometers in length. You can follow a path to its highest point, to the former Temple of Aphrodite. This temple was converted by Ottoman Turks into a mosque in the 16th century. You can view from its peak the Isthmus as well as the hills of the Peloponnese.

Modern Corinth

Corinth was rebuilt in 1858, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth. The town is comprised of many buildings and is filled with many centers of everyday life, including lovely cafes that line the square alongside the port. Corinth is considered today to be the gateway for tourists to the Peloponnese peninsula.

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