May 25, 2022 2 min read

Do you like to fine dine at fancy restaurants? Do you want to take your wife for a special dinner as her Anniversary gift? Is a visit to a Michelin-rated restaurant a worthy break for your husband? If your answer's yes, here are the top 4 most recommended Michelin restaurants worldwide famous for their discerning food connoisseurs with the most refined palates.



Melbourne, Austalia Skyline, home of Attica Michelin Star Restaurant

Attica is considered to be one of the best Michelin-star restaurants in Australia. Food in the cities of Australia is known to be delicious and out of this world, but Attica is different and stands out from all the others. This Australian restaurant, located in Melbourne, is owned by a top Michelin star Chef Ben Shewry, featuring authentic Australian ingredients like lemon myrtle, pepper berry, and desert oak wattle seeds, which transform the most ordinary tasting food to a whole new level. Offering exemplary service, Attica serves delicious wine with every food order you place there.





Famous Danish Michelin Restaurant - Noma

Noma in Copenhagen is another Michelin restaurant offering gastronomic sensations to its returning food lovers. Rated as the most influential eateries of its time since it opened, Noma serves a combination of unique dishes from the Nordic cuisine, offering 20 piece tasting menu depending on the season.








Historic French Riviera

Mirazur in France, located on the French Rivera alongside the stunning view of the Mediterranean, is another Michelin star restaurant. Mirazur serves various French dishes in the most romantic and serene ways, perfect for a wedding gift dinner. Dishes prepared at Mirazur are created from homegrown ingredients from the garden of Mirazur, including fresh salad leaves and rare vegetables.




Le Bernardin

Famous Seafood Michelin Star Restaurant

Le Bernardin in New York offers a classy seafood dining experience to its customers, making it another Michelin star-rated restaurant known globally. It is headed by Chef Eric Ripert, a Michelin star chef who earned 4 stars from the New York Times right after its opening. A great variety of delightful menu splits 4 courses into 3 sections of food like barely touched, lightly cooked, and almost raw.









One bonus find- a former Michelin star awardee, and a very affordable location is found in Singapore. Liao Fan Hong Kong serves the most delectable food at affordable prices, making it one of the world's most budget-friendly Michelin star restaurants. In Singapore, Liao Fan Hong Kong offers its customers a great variety of sweet and savory food items. Cantonese Chicken is their bestseller item on the menu and only costs $14.

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