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September 02, 2020 2 min read

Sydney is the most beautiful, oldest, and largest Australian city. It is sandwiched between an intermingling of sea and land. You can explore the history of the city along the narrow, cobbled streets and the historic buildings. You can also satisfy your adventure cravings or see the golden beaches of Sydney. Below are some more exciting touristy things to do in Sydney, Australia.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge, built in 1932

Prior to the construction of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge (or “Coathanger” as called by the locals) was the most popular landmark in Sydney. It was built in 1932 and is supported by gigantic double piers at both ends. It is still the largest steel arch bridge in the world and it connects the harbor’s north and south shores in one single curve. Pedestrians can walk on walkways or take part in a guided ascent through BridgeClimb to catch panoramic glimpses of the city and its harbor.





Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House and Skyline at Twilight

The Sydney Opera House is one of the greatest icons of Sydney and was voted a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building is graceful and shaped like billowing sails, perching on a stretch of land that is surrounded by water. Grab a picture while gliding past on a cruise along the harbor, stroll past its exterior, dine at one of the restaurants or take an organized Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour, to learn more about the structure’s history and get a behind-the-scenes look. Inside the building, one will find studious, theaters, exhibition rooms, cinema, and a concert hall.





The Rocks Historic Area

Buildings at The Rocks Historic Site, Sydney, Australia

The Rocks historic area was once home to the Gadigal aborigines. The name “The Rocks” comes from the rocky coast on the west side of the cove, where the convicts were known to pitch their tents. Today, over 100 heritage sites as well as buildings are lined up along the narrow streets, including the oldest surviving house of Sydney, known as Cadman’s Cottage, which was built in 1816.

Be sure to see the Rocks Discovery Museum, which unveils the detailed and fascinating transformation of the area, from convict slum to a tourist hotspot. Shop along the streets at souvenir shops afterward and stop in at any of the cafes and restaurants, as well as the art galleries and market stalls.




The Royal Botanic Garden

Alley in Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden is located at Farm Cove. It is a short walk from the waterfront at the Sydney Opera House. Established in 1816, the gardens stretch across 30 hectares of themed gardens, which include ferns, towering trees, flocks of fruit bats, and palm groves. It is a free experience and filled with many wonderful plants and things to see. The Palace Rose Garden is one of the highlights as well as the Glasshouse Latitude 23 and Fernery. After you explore the gardens, stop and grab some food and relax at nearby restaurants or cafes – or toss out a picnic blanket and enjoy a feast of your own.





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