July 21, 2021 3 min read

Maps are more than just simple diagrams for navigation.

Maps are windows of information that allow people to visit places and explore the world from the comfort of their home. But that's not all; you can also use the power of maps to liven up your home!

With a 3-panel wall map, you can showcase your love for traveling, along with making a large statement in your space. In this article, we will list some of the best 3 panel gallery wrapped canvas wall maps that we offer here at Push Pin Travel Maps so you can better understand what designs suit your décor taste the best.


1. Executive USA Pinnable Travel Map – 3 Panel

3 Panel Canvas Executive US Travel Map

This 3-panel US map is one of our most detailed US maps. The print motivates you to head out on an epic road trip to the country's breathtaking sceneries. When you get back home, pin your adventures on this to create a memento of your travel memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Moreover, you can also personalize this with custom text like your name, favorite quote, etc. The possibilities with this 3-panel canvas maps are simply endless!


2. Blue Oceans World Large Travel Map – 3 Panel 

Large 3 Panel Canvas Wall Map

Our Blue Oceans World map print is full of fun and bright colors. The extra-large size for this canvas will truly immerse you into what the world has to offer, and at the same time, rejuvenate your living space. The larger size also offers more pinnable space and bigger font sizes, making it easier to track down and pin your favorite destinations.


3. Earth Toned World Travel Pin Map – 3 Panel

3 Panel Gallery Wrapped Earth Toned World Pin Map

Relive your past adventures with this stunning 3 panel world map. This exclusive design is attractive to look at and is a creative way to track your past and future trips. The tone is neutral and warm with a dark gray background. The rich textures of this canvas make this 3-panel wall map a perfect addition to spruce up your home décor.


4. Executive World Travel Map with Pins – 3 Panel

Canvas 3 Panel Push Pin Map - Executive World Map with Pins

Head off to an epic vacation trip to the travel destinations on the top of your list; when you return, pin your adventures on this exquisite 3 panel wall map.

The color palette for this design is elegant, and the canvas brings a rich texture and feel, making the entire map a work of art you'll be proud to display.

Pin your adventures on this piece, and you'll see how quickly this design becomes a part of the conversation as you share stories about your experiences with your guests.


5. Stormy Dreams World - 3 Panel

Canvas Panel Map with Pins - Stormy Dreams World Map

This ultra-modern 3 Panel Canvas Stormy World Travelers Map is a large frameless wall map with a chalkboard gray and black background and a gray almost silver landmass. The design is printed on a premium canvas that gives this map a rich and stunning texture. Complete your very own challenge and see if you can use all of the 150 included pins!



If you have a love of travel and have lots of travel memories, then sprucing up your wall with these gigantic maps is a critical addition to your home décor.

It won't just tell others about your affinity for different places and travel, but it will also make your walls look vibrant and informative!

So, which of these 3-panel wall maps will you add to your home décor? Let us know in the comments below.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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