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July 14, 2021 2 min read

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, if you're crossing the country through the southern part of the US, you'll be spending time on Interstate 10. Interstate 10 will take you through some of the most astonishing scenic landscapes our USA has to offer.


This blog covers 5 stops that you need to see to make your road trip a more memorable adventure:


1. White Sands National Park & Missile Range

White Sands National Park at Sunset

It's a small trek from I-10 to the newly designated White Sands National Park but it's definitely worth the detour. White Sands National Park is located in New Mexico and completely surrounded by the White Sands Missile Range.

You don't want to miss the White Sands Missile Range Museum either. The museum has complete information about the US nuclear program, space adventures, and the development of rocket technology.

The Missile Park is where you'll be snapping some photos as it consists of roughly 60 different rockets. All these rockets were used by the US in combat between World War 2 and the Gulf War.


2. San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk at Night

One of the best parts about San Antonio is the city's River Walk. On the banks of the San Antonio River, you'll find restaurants, museums, parks, shops, and a lot more lined up for your delight. Touring the river from a boat or spending the evening strolling along the River Walk will allow you to absorb extraordinary views.

3. Caverns Of Sonora

Cave Bacon Rock Formation

It's always good to stretch on a road trip. So, stop your ride and head underground to the calm Caverns of Sonora for a change of scenery. This stunning cave offers a tour of tunnels loaded with spectacular rock formations including "cave bacon".


4. Chico's Tacos

Chico's Tacos, El Paso, TX, along Interstate 10

An entire third of the Interstate 10 is located through Texas. The road crosses the Lone Star state and its best parts. You can grab some cheap, quick bites at local favorite Chico's Tacos as you travel through El Paso. Here, you can enjoy some deep-fried taco deliciousness smothered in tomato sauce and topped with a healthy dose of shredded cheese.


5. Disneyland

Disneyland Entrance, Anaheim, California
Poke around Sleeping beauty's castle, ride the Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, or head to Fantasyland once the sun sets by visiting America's most iconic theme park – The Disney Land!


To Sum It Up

To make the most out of your trip, decide and plan on what attractions you want to see first by marking them on your push pin map. This will save you all the confusion on where to visit ultimately, enabling you to enjoy your road trip to the fullest.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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