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April 29, 2019 2 min read

Vacationing without breaking the bank is a dream for many travelers. If this rings true for you, you have come to the right place. Below are 5 budget-friendly travel destinations to consider adding to your Push Pin Travel Map in 2019.

The Philippines

El Nido, Palawan, PhilippinesThe Philippines are popular for their well-known white sand beaches in Cebu, Palawan or Boracay, surfing in Siargao as well as the gorgeous mountains in the north – but Laguna Province, near Manila, is not as well-known.

The Province of Laguna offers hot springs and many lakes, including Yambo Lake and Pandin Lake. Most of these locations can be easily accessed via public transportation or rental car. The city is also filled with many gorgeous structures and tasty food. And to top it all off, the people are super friendly as well!

The Balkan Peninsula 

Herceg Novi, MontenegroEurope may seem expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You can experience Europe on a budget – you just have to know where to go, like the Balkan Peninsula. The most popular Balkan Country is Croatia, which can get expensive, so it's better to start a trip to the area elsewhere, such as in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. From there you can cross the border by hopping on a bus to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina. While visiting the Balkan Peninsula, be sure to take a boat tour or go kayaking or paddle boarding. Paragliding and diving are also exciting things to do in the area and are much cheaper than similar activities in other European cities.

Taipei, Taiwan

Temple at Jiufen Old Street in TaipeiTaipei has grown in popularity in East Asia, but is not often traveled to by the masses. Compared to Tokyo or Hong Kong, Taipei is quieter and less noticed, which can be music to travelers looking to avoid crowds of tourists ears. Taipei has some of the best food markets around as well as busy shopping districts, such as Xiamen. But that isn’t all – Taipei also has stunning Yangminshan National Park, great for the more adventurous or nature-loving explorers.

Moscow, Russia

Red Square, Russia at ChristmasMoscow has been coined for having inflated prices in the past, but compared to other nearby tourist destinations, it is relatively inexpensive – and it offers lots to see. Lenin’s Mausoleum, the former resting place of the Soviet Leader is a good place to stop as well as the famous Kremlin. Toss in a trip to Saint Basil’s Cathedral and you have a full day of fun! Moscow is known for being very cold but wintertime is a fantastic time to visit, especially if you want to lay eyes on the fairytale type setting created by the snow.

Hawaii, USA

Waianapapa State Park, Maui Hawaii may not sound like a budget vacation destination, but nowadays you can fly there for relatively cheap. This is partly due to Southwest Airlines recently starting service to the islands. Flights are much less expensive on all major airlines, thanks to the influx of competition. Hawaii is gorgeous all year, so visiting in the off-season (mid-April to early June or Sept to mid-Dec) will save you some dough. Experience the South Pacific while still enjoying American comforts. Hotel or Airbnb deals are out there if you take the time to look. Maui is a great choice for first timers, or head to Kauai if you are looking for a quieter destination. 

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