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February 19, 2020 3 min read

If you love to travel but can’t seem to get away from home enough, there are things you can do to change that. With a new year and fresh decade in the works, you have 365 opportunities for adventure. Even if you can’t get away as often as you’d like to, when you do, your trips will have greater meaning. You’ll approach travel with fresh eyes and a new perspective that will cause everything else in your life to make better sense.


Five Tips to Travel More and Stress Less


1. Create a travel fund that you feed regularly.

Travel FundHave money direct deposited into a savings account every paycheck. It doesn’t need to be a hefty sum. It will quickly add up over time. Make it hard to access the funds so you don’t spend them on something else.


2. Embrace a nomadic lifestyle.

Consider what it would take to travel more. Practice living with fewer belongings and taking longer trips. Explore the idea of working remotely and see if it’s a possibility for yourself. If travel is that important to you, you’ll find ways to make it work to your advantage. You’ll be able to earn an income wherever you go by doing whatever you choose to do.


3. Keep reminders of your favorite travel experiences nearby.

Use the items that you picked up along the way to remind you of why you travel. Place them throughout your home, vehicle, and office where you see them and revisit them often. Track your travels using your very own Push Pin Travel Map. Use travel photos for your screensaver on your computer, phone, and tablet, too. Live, breathe, and eat travel.


4. Explore a place that you want to visit.

If you can’t take a trip now, take one virtually. Discover new destinations that you’d like to explore. Go out of your way to plan all the details. You may not be able to travel to that place anytime soon, but when you do have the opportunity, you’ll already have done your research. All you’ll need to do is set a date, buy your ticket, and arrive ready to explore.


5. Plan to take a trip with someone you care about.

Traveling with someone specialTraveling with a significant other, family member, or friend is completely different than having a solo adventure. If you’re used to doing it alone, it’s time to invite someone else along for the journey. You’ll learn a lot about yourself while you travel with someone else. You’ll be surprised about what it’s like to take a trip with another person. It can excite and exhilarate you, even more, to share the experience with someone you genuinely care about.


There are no strict rules on how to be a good traveler. It’s up to you to determine which aspects of travel are important to you. You can then determine how much traveling you want to do in the next decade by deciding just how important seeing the world is to you.


Don’t Settle for a Staycation When You Can Enjoy a Real Vacation

Have the time of your life this decade by making travel your go-to activity of choice. You don’t need to settle for a staycation when there’s a world full of experiences awaiting you. Pull out your passport and get ready for the time of your life. 2020 is going to be epic, and you’re the one making it happen.


Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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